Clinical Pastoral Training (CPE/T)

Clinical Pastoral Education/Training (CPE/CPT) is a dynamic adult learning experience.  It seeks a balanced presence through action, study and reflection within a clinical setting. It offers trainees a process for integrating various aspects of self-awareness, psychology, theology and behavioral science.  It may result in illuminating a personal belief system and theory of pastoral care.  The goal of CPE/CPT is to give trainees a variety of opportunities to function as ministers while receiving guidance and supervision from experienced pastoral care specialists and peers in order to become reflective practitioners.  Clinical Pastoral Education/Training is designed to call forth, recognize and strengthen trainees’ unique gifts in ministry in dialogue with their religious heritage and life learnings.  The clinical education process provides the setting to integrate personal and professional growth in an exciting and challenging transformational experience.

The main training purposes of this program are to evaluate experiences of pastoral care with individuals under stress in clinical settings, to develop personal formation and pastoral identity, and to master a body of interpersonal skills and academic materials related to pastoral care competencies.  Individual and group supervision are balanced as opportunities to reflect on and struggle with issues related to pastoral function and identity and to make meaning of “the living human document” and clinical process.  CPE/T provides an atmosphere in which guidance, support, and freedom for learning through one’s own experience can take place.  Four units of training are required for Board Certification.

CPE/T requires 300 hours in a clinical setting; and 100 hours in study and small group interaction and reflection.  A Balanced Presence, LLC CPE/T is accredited through the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, (CPSP),

Ken Waddell, A Balanced Presence CPE/T Supervisor, 706.934.4322
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