What is A Balanced Presence?

A Balanced Presence, LLC, is a way of being that integrates one’s life experiences with competencies. Nurtured skills shared with others in a variety of settings produce emotional intelligence and empathic care that foster psychological and theological equilibrium. It is about authenticity in relation to self and other; wholeness out of brokenness.

In a world that is increasingly angry, hurting and conflicted, A Balanced Presence offers persons a fresh perspective, including blind spots in their own modes of functioning. This facilitates understanding and compassion for others, with others and in others.

A Balanced Presence offers counseling, consultation and clinical pastoral education training to that end.

It is our belief that lives can change when wounds and embedded learnings, habits and issues are brought to light and understood constructively. As courage and creativity grow, a balanced presence is offered to others in ever-expanding personal, family and professional circles.

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A Balanced Presence is available to families, businesses, organizations, and churches to offer workshops, retreats, continuing education, conversations or group seminars on a variety of topics. We provide expertise in starting up and growing an accredited CPE program…Read More

Clinical Pastoral Education
Clinical Pastoral Education/Training (CPE/CPT) provides an adult learning experience in a clinical setting. It is a process for integrating various aspects of theological education and behavioral science into a personal theology and a professional ministry…Read More