A=Balanced=Presence (ABP C3)Counseling, Consultation and Clinical Pastoral Education

Ken Waddell, MDiv, BCC, Diplomate CPSP (College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy)

Cathy Meyer, MDiv, ABCC, AAPC (American Association of Pastoral Counselors)

What is A Balanced Presence?
A Balanced Presence is a way of being that seeks to bring our full, impartial, integrated selves to the various encounters throughout our life. It is about authenticity in relation to self and other. It is about creating wholeness out of brokenness…

Grief and Loss Counseling
Death (all ages and relationships), suicide, homicide, traumatic loss (including EMDR therapy), divorce, unemployment, life transitions, health issues, pet loss, faith loss…Read More

Critical incidents, conflict management, listening skills, leadership in anxious systems, facilitating healthy churches, pre-marital inventory, divorce therapy…Read More

Clinical Pastoral Education
CPE is a training program requiring the provision of clinical pastoral care and reflection which promotes growth, learning and best practices among professional caregivers…Read More

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