Critical Incidents – When persons have encountered trauma (school shootings, accidents, unexpected/tragic deaths, any incident that is out of the scope of “normal”), a debriefing and re-entry processing can be invaluable.

Polarity (Conflict) Management – Conflict stresses most people, often causing a narrowing of vision and coping.  How do we navigate disagreements within any system: families, businesses, churches?

Sharpening Listening Skills – Expertise in active listening takes determination and practice.  We can share some helpful techniques that allow us to tune in so that others feel heard and free to communicate.

Leadership in Anxious Systems – If leaders are as stressed as those being led, movement and creativity can suffer.  Leaders can rise above anxiety and provide direction with strength.

Facilitating Healthy Churches – What are the ingredients to healthy church functioning, including all traditions, worship styles, and mission?

Pre-Marital Inventory – We use a program that helps couples intent on marriage to discover their strengths and potential challenges.

Divorce Therapy – If a marriage fails, an evaluation can bring healing and growth.

Starting a CPE Program at Your Hospital – We are experienced in starting up and growing an accredited CPE program.

(Facilitators can design workshops, retreats, continuing education events, or group seminars to fit the needs of the requesting organization on these and a variety of topics related to health, caregiving, grief, advance directives, etc.)

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